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The Skin of the Earth Tape

The cassette, "The Skin of the Earth" is magical in what it is and how it was created. It contains eighteen poems by Eleanor Limmer complimented by music composed and played by George Sabo celebrating the beauty of nature. Pamela Thomas, an aspiring actress from New York City and Nome, reads the poems with much skill and feeling. Susan Noyes designed the mythical "Earth Mother" cover of the cassette. This cover evokes the image of an earth mother who seems to be meditating nature into existence. Sabo uses both music and nature sounds such as thunder, rain, whale calls and trees falling to enhance and compliment these poems.

The way these artists created this beautiful tape is truly magical. Eleanor Limmer has never met George Sabo, the musician who created the music and who orchestrated the creation of the tape. The idea for the tape started when Sabo saw a stanza of her poem "Awakening" printed in a Fairbanks newspaper. Sabo usually does not take this newspaper as he lived in Nome, Alaska, but just happened to pick it up that day. He liked the lyrical quality of this poem and wrote to Limmer asking if he could compose music for this and some of her other poems. She consented to this and later Sabo got his friend Pamela Thomas to read the poems, and Susan Noyes to illustrate its cover.

The cassette is $10.00 and can be ordered through Liberty Press. Please contact Eleanor at 509.255.9126 or for ordering instructions. Thank you.


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