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Eleanor Limmer, A.C.S.W., M.S.W. - Wholistic Counselor, Imagery and Music Therapist


Wholeness Philosophy

Wellness is a continuum. There are areas where each of us can heal and grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Each of these parts of ourselves are interwoven and each affect our health and happiness. To be well, a person needs to continually be searching and stretching to reach his/her unique wholeness. A physical illness is symbolic of a mental-emotional-spiritual conflict. These conflicts can be discovered and healed.

Wholistic Approach

Individuals are assisted, both alone, and in groups in doing wholistic assessment of a problem and/or illness. We determine the central issues, and the emotional, mental and spiritual factors behind it. Work is done in two hour segments so that left brain counseling and understandings can be carried to deeper feeling levels. We also work with dreams to deepen understanding of problem areas.

Discovering The Message Of Illness

The message of an illness can be discovered by processing using two holistic circles. We define the central energy, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an illness and its healing. We begin the processing by starting with your specific physical symptoms. We determine what functions these involve and what they symbolize in your mental, emotional and spiritual life. Determining what chakra is involved is helpful. Body cliches are also a clue. Talk therapy is balanced with imagery and music work in a meditative, relaxed state that involves the subconscious and higher conscious mind for purposes of healing, growth and self-realization.

Emotional, Mental And Social Problems

Eleanof Limmer's therapeutic approach is particularly effective in dealing with problems, because it gives them a sense of immediacy. Old wounds can be re-experienced on a deep feeling level. By confronting a past situation or trauma, using the tools of imagination and music, a person can take control of the past and change his/her reaction to it. Then the past can die and be released at last.

Why Relaxation, Imagery and Music?

Music is the language of the emotions which evokes feelings that need to be recognized and released. Many illnesses are caused by suppressed or denied emotions that can be reached and healed through music. Music evokes images from the right brain. It also effects heart beat, blood pressure and other bodily functions.

Imagery is the bridge between the body and the mind, subconscious and higher consciousness. Through imagery we can communicate with our inner mind and learn to control our bodily functions such as temperature, heart beat and blood pressure. Imagery is also a powerful tool we use in healing.

Relaxation is a way each of us can alter our state of consciousness to have access to the wholeness within the inner worlds of our subconscious and higher consciousness. Learning to relax is not only healthy for the body, but necessary to reach wholeness and deeper states of awareness.


Minimum fee per session is $65.00/hour
Or $130.00 for a two hour session.
Covered by M.S.C. and Blue Cross Insurance - call your insurance company to determine their coverage for a Licensed Clinical Social Work Counselor.

920 N. Argonne - Room 207
Spokane Valley, WA 99212


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