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The Body as Shadow

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.,” - C.G. Jung

“The Body is very often the personification of this shadow of the ego. Sometimes it forms the skeleton in the cupboard,” wrote Carl Jung, “and everybody naturally wants to get rid of such a thing.”
Through the symbolism of illness and physical symptoms, our bodies reflect the darkness and the light the shadow holds for us until we are ready to accept it. It is the shadow-face of our souls that holds the light and the darkness until we are strong enough to face and heal what we have previously denied or rejected about ourselves. Our bodies and their ailments are not our enemies, and neither are our shadows. The shadow reveal the negative ego patterns we had previously rejected or denied, through the messages of our illnesses, so we can recognize, forgive, and heal them. The shadow is the ally of our true self and the enemy of our negative egos.
The Body as Shadow
Balboa Press

The Shadow Knows: How to Understand and Heal its Messages

978-1-4525-9436-1 (Soft Cover ISBN)


978-1-4525-9438-5 (Hard Cover ISBN)



"The shadow knows and Limmer does too. This is a must read for those seeking enlightenment. Limmer craftily explains, with vivid examples, how our shadow self holds the secrets to our inner world. She provides definitive tools and exercises in The Shadow Knows to unlock the shadow secrets and enable self-healing."
- Dino Fanara, author of The Creators and Angel of the East Indies

"Discover how the shadow is really an ally of our true self. It surfaces both our strengths and areas for healing that we often deny. Limmer invites her readers to understand why facing the hidden parts of ourselves is the key to leading a purposeful and fulfilling life. She provides practical examples and tools to welcome the messages of our dark and light shadow. Lean how it's revealed through our body, thoughts, feelings and spirituality. Listen to your shadow and unleash new energy that empowers us to see the Divinity within us and others. Our future depends on it."
- Susie Leonard Weller, M.A. Life and Spiritual Coach author of Solving the Parenting Puzzle
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The Shadow Knows:
How to Understand and Heal Its Messages
Freedom Press
ISBN 978-0-9678183-4-4



The Shadow Knows: How to Understand and Heal its Messages

"Eleanor describes complex concepts and makes them easily understandable by providing clear examples with practical applications. This book is a wonderful resource for those interested in listening to their bodies and integrating these messages with their mind, spirit and emotions."
-Susie Weller, Director of Tools for Transformation
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The Body Language of Illness
Freedom Press
ISBN 0-9678183-1-1



The Body Language of Ilness is the first book to offer a clear method of accessing the messages of our illnesses. It is about how you can listen to, understand and answer the messages of illness.

"There is much more ease and much less struggle in my life after exploring the depths and complexities discussed in this book. I feel grateful for the gifts of choices these ideas offer, as they do not oversimplify my being. This is a practical book with hope and understanding to help us see more clearly what we are. I will be using this as a reference book for self-realization.
-Al Morgan, N.D.
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Freedom Press
ISBN 0-9678183-2-X



This book reflects my many years of experience as a holistic counselor, professional social worker, and guided imagery and music therapist. The knowledge I have gained through my client's experiences, as well as my own, is shared with you in this book. I have incorporated many metaphysical, holistic ideas from numerous sources into my work, as well as into my life.

"Balance offers a ray of hope to people facing debilitating illness, both through providing an in-depth understanding of the relationship between illness and our psychological and spiritual health, and also through sharing many real life stories of people who have overcome their illnesses through dealing with the underlying issues. I would strongly recommend it to anyone facing health challenges, or anyone who works with physical or mental health and wants a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection.
-Kari Wagler, M.S. Psychotherapist

"Balance is a vital sit-down read for everyone who lacks that feeling of being centered, or who contends with physical, emotional, spiritual or mental issues that threaten do disrupt quality of life and relationships--if they haven't done so already. Balance is also one of those books that belongs on the shelf because of its structure and its substance. It's one of those titles that you can pick up, and flip open the page ot a section that you absolutely need to see for your health and well-being."
-Robert Yehling
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Freedom Press
ISBN 0-9678183-3-8



Illness is an important message concerning balance or lack of it. This book builds upon Carl Jung's theories of the anima and animus. We all have an inner man and woman within that can help us heal and grow. Many of the insights in this book, concerning what balance and imbalance mean, came from the teachings of Lazaris

"Eleanor Limmer's poems are meaningful to those who can appreciate how listening to nature, especially a lake, serves as a metaphor for our lives. I was particularly touched by her poem "Storm Water Run-Off" and challenged to examine in my own life when "Our roots and connections to what is elemental is served," or how the "sludge of a careless word or thoughtless deed can choke our spawning ground." I heartily recommend "An Alchemy of Joy" for a meditative experience whose evocative words and images stir music for the soul."
- Susie Weller, Director of Tools for Transformation.
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An Alchemy of Joy
Freedom Press
ISBN 0-9678183-0-3



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