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"The vision for this book began nearly a decade ago while I was counseling and doing Guided Imagery and Music with my friend, Edie Adams, From that experience, I got the idea that there was in each one of us abeautiful, true self that was enormously important to discover, understand and write about. I did not realize at that time what a profound subject I had embarked upon: Nothing is more profound or important for each of us than to discover the divine spiritual self we each are meant to be."

"This book reflects my many years of experience as a holistic counselor, professional social worker, and guided imagery and music therapist. The knowledge I have gained through my client's experiences, as well as my own, is shared with you in this book. I have incorporated many metaphysical, holistic ideas from numerous sources into my work, as well as into my life."

"There is much more ease and much less struggle in my life after exploring the depths and complexities discussed in this book. I feel grateful for the gifts of choices these ideas offer, as they do not oversimplify my being. This is a practical book with hope and understanding to help us see more clearly what we are. I will be using this as a reference book for self-realization.
-Al Morgan, N.D.

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Freedom Press
ISBN 0-9678183-2-X


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