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University of Washington, M.S.W., 1967, A.C.S.W., 1978
Institute of Imagery and Music 1982 - 1985
Hypnosis Educational Institute, 1987

Counselor/Client Goals

- Promote self realization
- Stimulate growth
- Identify destructive lifestyles
- Change patterns
- Heal problems and/or illness


Eleanor Limmer grew up in Western Washington, lived in Alaska for a period of time, and has made her home on the shores of Liberty Lake, near Spokane since 1980.

Eleanor Limmer is a poet, playwrite, holistic counselor and professional social worker, who uses guided imagery and music in her private practice at Spokane Healing Arts. She specializes in discovering and healing the messages of illness. Her book about the symbolism of illness called The Body Language of Illness is in its third edition. Other books by Eleanor include Balance, Blooming and An Alchemy of Joy.

Her therapeutic approach is particularly effective in dealing with problems, because it gives them a sense of immediacy. Old wounds can be re-experienced on a deep feeling level. By confronting a past situation or trauma, using the tools of imagination and music, a person can take control of the past and change his/her reaction to it.


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